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The French Professor

Our debut novel is inspired by our love of reading, language and travel. Fans of humor, personal growth, love and travel will enjoy this heartfelt story. 

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Margaret is a middle-aged divorcée with a laundry list of neuroses. Flying, germs and social situations all make her sweat. She's spent her life hiding behind her intense job and rigid routines, which is why she's as surprised as anyone when she abruptly walks away from her career to study French. This leap of faith snowballs into opportunities and experiences she could never have dreamed of.

Travel, university, romance... none of these were on Margaret's agenda but her adventures - mostly exciting, sometimes terrifying, often both - will shake up her life and lead her on an unexpected path.

Set between charming Greenwich, Connecticut and Paris, France, this feel good story will warm your soul like a hot café crème on a chilly Parisian morning.

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Have you read The French Professor? We would love to hear your thoughts. All reviews are deeply appreciated!

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