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This digital Spanish lesson was created by Spanish and French educators with children ages 5 and up in mind. It serves as a fun and approachable introduction to the language and can be enjoyed alone or with a grown up. Our lessons include new vocabulary, games, helpful videos, links to songs, playlists and recipes, plus cool culture and travel tips! Download the pdf file to a device or print it off and take notes. Move at any pace and refer back to the pages at any time. Say "si" to learning something new!


Course includes:

  • 15 page lesson
  • Vocabulary, phrases, grammar explanations and learning tips
  • Easy to follow pronunciation assistance with step-by-step videos
  • Fun resources such as songs, games, playlists, poems and recipes
  • Travel and culture tips
  • Links to resources and recommendations

Spanish for los pequeños - 1

  • Spanish



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