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Lemon Haze is a cross in between Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk. Being a sativa leading hybrid, it has a 70:30 sativa/indica proportion. The strain has a 17% THC as well as 0.38% CBD content. The buds are yellow as well as green in shade with brownish-yellow hairs permeating via the trichomes which provide it its special yellow tint. As for the scent, it is acknowledged for having the smell of a freshly cut lemon. The preference is more or less the very same however with citrus undertones. Lemon Haze leaves a wonderful aftertaste which remains in the mouth for rather some time. Considering its heritage, it comes as no surprise that Lemon Haze is a tough striking strain. It is not to be ignored as well as is not suggested for the pale of heart. You will certainly really feel very blissful as well as pleased which is why it is frequently recommended when you have had a harsh day. However, the strain is likewise known for its uplifting effects. However it will certainly leave you a bit mellow and relaxed, a couple of even more hits and also you may even start experiencing signs of couch-lock. As for Lemon Haze's medicinal residential properties, it is rather effective at treating depression, stress as well as chronic discomforts as well as aches. Super Lemon Haze is sativa-dominant, which indicates it offers peppy, energetic effects that maintain you buzzing all day. Despite being fairly low in CBD, this strain is wonderful for relieving daytime tiredness and also stress. It might not be the very best for medical objectives, as it is reduced in cannabinoids than it remains in THC. Super Lemon Haze CBD: A Buzzy, CBD-Rich Sativa. Super Lemon Haze CBD is a terrific strain for clinical users looking for high levels of CBD along with moderate degrees of THC. The strain features a THC material of in between 9-12% as well as a CBD material of in between 9-10%. Super Lemon Haze, sometimes called "SLH," is a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain of Lemon Skunk as well as Super Silver Haze as well as 2 time Cannabis Cup champion from Green House Seeds have a look at concerning various cannabis pressures in our super lemon haze on the web site. Super Lemon Haze is a kief-caked multi-colored marvel. As the name specifies this strain has genuine lemony features. The smell is vibrant, citrusy, and a little sweet. When it comes to the taste, it's whatever one would expect from the name; sharp as well as wonderful like lemonheads sweet - not quite as sharp as one may expect. The effects are lively as well as distinctly energised, may not be the very best strain for those of us that are normally wound-up tight.


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