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We are a family business based in Oklahoma, focused on creating products that celebrate the beauty of language, culture, learning and play.
Our products are designed by mother-daughter French and Spanish professors who share a love of all things French and Spanish. Our collection of clothing, accessories and gifts is focused on high-quality, ethically made products designed to bring joy and inspiration to everyday life.

Our digital lessons are fun, approachable and backed by years of teaching experience. Each activity box is thoughtfully handmade for the youngest learners with the goal of play-based learning in mind. The corresponding lesson plans supplement this learning experience with new vocabulary words, fun stories, songs and games. 
We believe language learning, travel and curiosity are crucial at any age. We also feel strongly that everyone deserves to enjoy learning which is why we are committed to donating a box to a child in need for every one that is sold. Because we want to live in a world where creativity, openness and inspiration are encouraged and embraced.

Our Story

About Mindy Nix and Susanne Huffman

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Susanne Huffman and Mindy Nix are mother-daughter French professors, business owners and lifelong Francophiles. They created their business, Oui & Sí to share their love of language, travel and culture with others. When they aren’t reading, writing or teaching, they are dreaming up their next trip to Paris together. They are both married to men who lovingly oblige their adoration of all things French and are their biggest supporters in all of their endeavors.


Susanne has a son named Oliver who loves French music and pain au chocolat. Mindy has two grown children, Susanne and her brother, Doug, and three grandchildren whom she dreams of taking to France.

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